The FTB Launcher was first released in November 2012, it was released on a livestream to over 9000 people. The launcher has since taken on new updates, and developers have come and gone. There is currently a brand new launcher in development, scheduled to be released with the 1.6 FTB packs.

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Recent changes

  • This launcher version is still in beta and may contain bugs! Please report any bugs you find to our Support Site with logs.

    + added command line argument support -- examples of note: --disable-tray disables the tray

    * java 8 u 20 + support avaliable for osx and forge for 1.6.4 1.7.2 and 1.7.10
    * Paste uploading now uses the FTB paste site
    * Enabled force update functionality on libraries from pack.json files
    * update authlib to the version used in 1.8 MC
    * Show error message if user has mojang account without minecraft profiles
    * check profile display names against mojang account to allow use of multiple MC accounts
    * rewrote of news pane(uses RSS now) and console window for enhanced performance
    * fixed empty map/texturepack pane bugs
    * updated chinese, german, italian localizations
    * various performance enhancements
    * fixed case sensitivity issues with pack removal
    * fixed negative width/height bug for some linux users
    * recoded dialogs for better scaling capability
    - jarmodding capabilities in Minecraft 1.6+

  • * Additional debugging for users with authentication issues
    * Minor gui tweaks

  • * Fix updater hash checking error
    * Improve performance of analytics, attempt to resolve issues with certain antivirus software causing packet issues
    * Adjust c:\users warnings to only show up if unicode characters are detected
    * Adjust fullscreen height to take start menu and other os bars into account
    * Add additional debugging code to the authentication system
    * Adjust osx 32/64 bit detection code to take into account osx allowing some 64 bit apps to run on 32 bit kernels