Welcome to the official Feed the Beast desktop app! Find, download, and manage your FTB Mod packs!

Built on the Overwolf platform (on windows only)

FTB Modpacks

Our app is the only officially supported place to get our Modpacks! You can search through our large collection of carefully crafted Modpacks, install multiple versions, mange your Modpack instance, and stay up-to-date with all new versions!

Curseforge Logo

Curseforge Modpacks Beta

Not only can you get FTB Modpacks, you can also find, install, and manage Curseforge packs too via the app!

And, of course, this means we support Fabric and Forge Modloaders!
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MineTogether (by CreeperHost) support is baked right into the app, you can use cloud saves, browse public servers for each Modpack, and access private Modpacks when available

And so many more

Really fast FTB Modpack downloads!

Like seriously quick! You have complete control over how quickly a Modpack installs & updates from very slow to stupidly quick... Internet speeds permitting.

Discover new Modpacks

Using the FTB App you can search through all of our modpacks catalog as well as being able to search through the entire CurseForge (Beta) catalog of modpacks! With just a few clicks you can be playing your next modpack in minutes.

Directly support Feed the Beast

By using the FTB App you're directly supporting FTB via the in-app ads. We know they're a bit annoying but just by using our app you're able to directly support us in continuing your goal to creating the best Minecraft Modpacks out there!

Advanced Server installer

With just a few simple clicks or a quick command line (for you linux gods) you can quickly and easily install and setup any of our modpacks on a server.

Optimised Modpack load times!

Through the use of a post-install mod, we're able to speed up the load time of the pack! You'll see the greatest speed increase on slower machines but even for the most beastie of machines, you'll see a bit of a speed boost 🔥!

Control of Modpacks mods

You can quickly find any extra mods you'd like to add to a modpack. You can search to your hearts content through the entire CurseForge mods catalog!

Cloud saves

When logged into a paid MineTogether account you can have your Modpacks, World Saves, and configs synced to the cloud to ensure your progress is never lost!

Java selection & memory configuration

Per Modpack instance control over what Java version your Minecraft instance starts with as well as custom RAM settings. We hand craft each pack with tailored RAM settings to give each pack it's best chance at running smoothly on most machines

Instance creation & Management Coming soon

Coming soon! We'e working hard on custom Modpack Instance creation and management features.


We hope you are! Our team puts a lot of time into making the best Modpacks we can.
Using our App directly supports our efforts <3. Download the app below!