FTB News | Dec 28th 2015

First and foremost, Happy Holidays from the FTB Team!

Infinity Evolved 2.3.0 Beta is now live! Changelogs & Server Files

FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.10.0 Beta is now live! Changelogs & Server Files

As of this time we are locking all 1.7.10 modpacks with the exception of Infinity Evolved. We will push hotfixes for major crashes or major mod updates as we see needed for the locked 1.7.10 packs if they arise. With the majority of the community actively updating their content to 1.8.x initial work has begun on new FTB modpacks. As soon as we have enough stable content for 1.8.x we will begin the process of building and testing our first set of modpacks.

As of this time we plan to have Infinity 1.8 be one of our first modpacks in 1.8.x, and we already have plans to expand on the hugely successful “Expert Mode” within a couple months of the initial public release of Infinity 1.8.

-FTB Team



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