FTB Newsletter April 2016

FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock Released


April 1st marks the official release of Infinity Evolved Skyblock. The wait is finally over! Do you have what it takes to tackle the challenges of Infinity Evolved Skyblock? This time around there is no easy mode, only the expert mode. New challenges, and the additions of trophies await you in this long awaited skyblock modpack from FTB.

FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock is a modpack designed to provide an extra challenge for any experienced Minecrafter. Work your way through new recipes, twisted game mechanics, and collect the rare and mysterious trophies! Warning, may consume a vast amount of your time.

Be sure to grab your copy today on the Curse App or the FTB Launcher.
Both are available at www.feed-the-beast.com


Gideonseymour has retired from the FTB Team, and we wish him the best in all his future endeavours.


This month's feature modpack is TerraFirmaPunk. Explore the ancient ruins of a long dead civilization and learn to master the Power of Steam while surviving starvation, dehydration, deadly cavins, dangerous mobs, zombie hoards, and evil boss monsters waiting around every corner.


Be sure to check out the full version



This month we would like to feature one of our own FTB Stream Team members Pulpjohnfiction!
This UK streamer has one of the best raid games on Twitch, Play your funks right. And certainly worth checking out and a follow.


Make sure to follow him on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/pulpjohnfiction
And on Twitter: https://twitter.com/pulpjohnfiction

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