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Two years ago FTB and Curse first came together to form a partnership. Since then both parties have worked together to create a new client designed for installing Minecraft mods and mod packs. A few months ago Curse released a new client on Microsoft Windows and recently have released this new client to OSX/macOS. Whilst there is still some way to go before we completely retire the FTB launcher. We have finally reached a position where we are happy to fully recommend the Curse app as the preferred method for downloading FTB mod packs on both Windows and Mac.

Over the coming months new features will include the ability to download server packs from directly within the Curse app and also the ability to upload crash logs directly to FTB or the relevant pack designer. An API will also be added which will allow server hosting companies to directly access server side packs. Finally, work has started to test the viability of a Linux based client. The Curse dev team has a few Linux enthusiasts among them, so they're really excited about bringing the app to Linux.

Our current plan is to have both the Curse app and the FTB launcher continue to co-exist over the next few months. This is to give Curse the time needed to add the last few remaining features required for feature parity, at which point the FTB launcher will be retired. Once our launcher is retired then we will debrand it and remove all existing download links from our websites and finish the process of moving all FTB mod packs and other related content over to the Curse app. We still plan to make a bare bones version of the launcher stripped of all branding and FTB content available for those packs that remain on the client and cannot move for one reason or another. We have yet to determine whether download links for this stripped down version of the launcher will be hosted, however it's likely that this will be left in the hands of the pack developers that remain on the old launcher.

Finally those who are about to use the Curse app for the first time . Curse have some basic video guides already on their youtube channel which can be found at  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm8BE-dVxqWjYO29zMWstb7WoFIb3zwgM  and further guides will be made available in the coming days.

We as a team sincerely hope that everyone enjoys using the Curse app as much as we do and whilst our focus will now move more and more into mod pack development, as a team we will continue to work with Curse to help them provide the best user experience possible for everyone.



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