April News Post

Modpack News
Our first full challenge map in 5 years, this pack is based on skyfactory 3, with a prebuilt map and a set of timed challenges. Complete the map by yourself, or in a team of 2, 3 or 4 people, upload a video of your run to YouTube or Twitch and then submit the time with the in game form.
You can find a leaderboard of all the verified times here.
We are looking for people to help verify the videos of people's runs. Sign up here if you are interested.
We released our major modpack for Minecraft 1.10 earlier this month. You can find more details about it in our earlier post here. Get it on the Twitch app and the FTB launcher now.
Team Applications
In addition to the challenge pack verifiers mentioned above, we have another opportunity.
Fill out this form if you have experience building maps or modpacks and want to help out on future challenge packs.
If you are a youtuber or streamer and are interested in recording or streaming an episode from the challenge map server along side the developers, fill out this form.
We will be opening applications for beta testers in the coming weeks.
FTB Town Hall
On March 15th, we had a town hall on Twitch to talk about changes to FTB Beyond. You can find a transcript of everything we talked about here.
Twitch App
After Twitch acquired curse last fall, they started working on twitchifying the Curse app. The fully re-branded Twitch Desktop App has now been released, with all the same features, plus a few new ones. All the plans we had for the Curse app have transferred over, including their efforts to bring the app to Linux.
Content Creator
This month's featured content creator is ItsLewdicolo. He streams Mon, Tue, Thu-Sat at 11PM EST.


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