May News

Modpack News
As mentioned in our town hall, we're working on an expert mode pack, the spiritual successor to Infinity Expert. It will be for Minecraft 1.11. We're still in the early stages, but we're hoping for a July/August release.
Map News
We recently opened applications for people interested in developing and building maps to join the FTB map building team. Interest was extremely high and we have taken on a group of talented builders to help develop future maps.
As part of the process we had the team develop an updated version of the 1.2.3 multiplayer map (as played by Direwolf20 and Nearbygamer in March 2012). The team developed a new 4 player map using the 1.2.5 insanity pack as a base. After a few small revisions we have decided to release this new map to the public. Whilst we have done our best to remove as many flaws as we can, a few small ones will likely remain and given the age of the pack, bug fixes and support will be minimal. The pack will release sometime this coming week.
Development of an updated version of the pyramid map on Minecraft 1.10 has started and will be followed by a second speed run challenge map. We expect to see these maps out sometime in June/July. Both of these will be built around a custom pack designed with map building in mind. You can follow along with the building of these maps on the official FTB twitch channel where parts of the build will be livestreamed.
Wiki Team
The wiki team is looking for editors. Head over there and get started!
Content Creator
This month's featured content creator is Reninsane. He streams Mon-Fri at 9:30 AM to 5 PM GMT.


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