June News

Modpack News
With the release of Minecraft 1.12, we are moving our main development effort over to the new version. We will be releasing both a new flagship pack and a seperate expert pack. As usual, we can't commit to a timeline, but it's going to be at least a few weeks before enough mods update for us to start development.
In the meantime, we'll be putting together the latest iteration of our Unstable pack for 1.12. Unstable is a pack we bring back with each new version of Minecraft to showcase up and coming mods as well as help mod authors find bugs in their new code.
Map News
We recently opened up recruitment for new people to work alongside Slowpoke in creating new maps built with new and existing FTB mod packs. As part of this, we set a challenge for applicants to recreate one of the very first FTB mod packs, updating it to be used with the mod pack that we used for the 1.2.5 pyramid map. The resulting build was so good that we decided to release it to the public.
In order to facilitate this, we have created a new 1.2.5 mod that will allow you to select which map you want to play. So in the next week or so, we will be releasing an update to the pyramid mod pack. This update leaves the gameplay unchanged, it will include the new map and add new options to the world creation menu to allow you to select which map you wish to play. The new map follows similar gameplay design as the pyramid map, however is designed to be played by anywhere up to 4 players (teams). Once on the map you can select the number of players taking part and the map will adjust automatically.
Work is almost complete on a new FTB map designed to work on more up to date packs. This map is also designed to work with up to 4 players/teams and is the second project that the new map team has worked on alongside some outside help from some of our friends. Whilst there is no current eta for this map, we hope to release it sometime during July.  We have also started work on the next speed run map, although it is still too early to give any type of estimate as to when it will be released.
Wiki Editathon
The FTB wiki is hosting an editathon starting on June 18th and lasting a full week. The participant who contributes the most will be awarded a $20 steam gift card provided by Xbony2.
Creeperhost Mod
We have added a mod that lets users easily create a server hosted by our partners Creeperhost. Here's a statement from Slowpoke on the inclusion of the mod.
When I was approached by Paul from Creeperhost about the inclusion of this mod in the pack I personally had no objections to it as long as it didnt intrude on the gameplay and wasn't overly in peoples faces which I believe is the case here. There may be some issues and if they do crop up we will get them fixed as quickly as we can. As to the financial arrangements with regards to the inclusion of this mod, quite honestly there are none. We are not getting paid a monthly fee by Creeperhost to include this mod in our packs and although referral fees have been offered, as things stand I have no intentions of actually taking them.
Which I am sure leads people onto the question of why include this in the first place. The main answer is loyalty. A large part of the reason that FTB even exists is down to the support we have had along the way from the team at Creeperhost. From the very beginning before we had a launcher and a website and everything else. Creeperhost provided us with pretty much anything we ever asked for when it came to servers. They constantly went out of their way to help us in any way they could. In return we placed a link on our launcher that linked to Creeperhost. This was an arrangement that was beneficial to both of us. The deal with then Curse and now Twitch however didn't end my friendship with Paul or our relationship with Creeperhost, to this day they continue to support us as much as they can. Our new website FTB.world is hosted on a Creeperhost server and a lot of our build and test servers come from them. Having said all this, at some point in the future the FTB launcher is going to be de-branded and our packs removed off of the launcher. At this time the link we have on there will lose any value it had. I have always wanted to make sure that we had something that worked as an alternative to that link on the launcher and this mod seems like a decent solution to this.
I have always understood that there are plenty of excellent providers of servers out there and we would never force anyone to choose a specific provider, however I have no intentions of ever forgetting where we came from and the help that the Creeperhost team provided us along the way.
Content Creator
This month's featured content creator is Amaxter. He semi-regularly uploads interviews with mod authors to his Behind the Mod and Inside the Mod series on his youtube channel


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