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Modpack News
With the release of Minecraft 1.12, we have yet again released a version of our unstable pack. This pack showcases new mods on the new Minecraft version as well as provides mod authors a platform to get a large amount of playtime for new, untested code.
Unstable is mostly just a tossed together collection of mods, but our lead modpack dev tfox83 has put together a list of the config changes he's added to the pack.
Config changes:
aroma1997s dimension: changed DIM id to -2, disable sticky ore, enabled stone top, only day set to false.
cofh: Enabled Flat Bedrock; Enabled Vanilla Gen (see ore gen notes for more)
biomes o plenty: Disabled all ore gen/rock formation gen/bop mushroom gen/poision ivy and thorns gen/nether hive gen/liquid poison/flax (content overlap with AA flax)
biomes o plenty: Disabled Biomes: marsh, alps, wasteland, dead forest, corrupted sands, dead swamp, glacier, snowy coniferous forest, tundra
extreme reactors: increase fuel usuage to 8.0; disabled yellorite ore gen (moved needed ore into cofhcore)
forestry: disabled all ore gen (moved needed ore into cofhcore); disabled butterflies pollinating leaves due to complaints in 1.10 from players; reduced butterfly spawn limit from 100 to 50
soul shards: Decreased amount of mob spawns with all tiers except tier 1 for overall performance increase; disabled spawner absorption due to complaints from server admins; player must be online for mobs to spawn that places the spawner (server performance); decreased spawn cap to 25 to increase performance of large scale mob farms
techreborn: Disabled red garnet drops from any mined ruby ore; disabled gem tools/armor; disabled bauxite, iridium, galena, ruby, sapphire, lead, silver, copper, tin, peridot ore gen (moved needed ore into cofhcore) Disabled oil gen (will support TFs oil when needed in the future)
Accually Additions: Disabled solidified XP mob drops due to exploit with liquid XP form MGU; moved black quartz world gen into cofhcore.
badwithernocookie: Silence Dragon kills
chest transporter: only allow diamond transporter to pick up mob spawners
embers: disabled all ore gen (moved needed ore into cofhcore)
morpheus: decreased sleep perctange to 25%
simplevoidworld: changed DIM id to -3
in control: blocked passive mobs in mining dim
block whitelist: at this time all blocks can be placed into the mining age except torches (testing), but in the future we plan to test quarry use only, etc...
Ore Gen notes:
added emeralds to all biomes, but rare.
customized ore gen in mining age using cofhcore to fall below y79 and cleared most surface water/lava
There is currently a crash bug if you are using the legacy launcher on a mac and try to launch a 1.12 pack.
Wiki News
The editathon mentioned in the last news post, the Let's Just Do It Editathon, was a success! Lots of mods got documented, lots of translations were made, and in total thousands of edits were made by the community. We thank everyone who participated for contributing. The winner of the $20 steam gift card was user SirMoogle for his "sufficiently Thaumic" contributions, or his documentation of Thaumcraft 4 and addons.
The wiki community is currently trying to come to a decision on what to do with the public wiki section on the forums. Input from community members, regardless of whether they have edited the wiki, would be greatly appreciated. You don't even need an account to provide your thoughts. And while you're there, there's lots of other important discussions happening and all input is welcome.


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