December News Post

Modpack News
We're finally getting rolling on minecraft 1.10. After putting out FTB Presents Hermitpack, we finally released our first flagship pack on a current Minecraft version in years.
In our continuing partnership with Direwolf20, we've released the latest iteration of his single player pack. You can follow along with his series by downloading his world every ten episodes. Just click on the pack in the curse app, click maps and search for "direwolf20".
Coming in the next few months is another, larger pack currently named FTB Evolved. After it is released, we will start work on an expert mode for this pack.
These new 1.10 packs are a bit more memory intensive than our 1.7 ones. We recommend using at least 4 GB to run them. You can do this in the options screen of the FTB launcher and under settings, Minecraft in the Curse app.
Curse News
The plan for moving to the Curse app is unchanged. Curse is working on a few remaining features. Until they are done, the current FTB launcher will remain as normal.
Curse is still looking into bringing the app to linux, but it's a decent amount of work. We are banking on this happening, but if it does not, we remain committed to providing FTB packs on linux.
It's been awhile, but FTB was at Minecon. You can watch our panel here.
Minecraft 1.11
Minecraft 1.11 was released a few weeks ago. It's proving fairly easy for mods to update, but will still take a few weeks.
Content Creator
In lieu of a streamer, this month's content creator is a mod author.
McJty has been a pioneer in pushing modded Minecraft forward. He was one of the first to update to 1.10 and is leading the charge to 1.11.


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