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FTB Arcanum Institute

Experience a world of wonder and wizardry at The Arcanum Institute, where your magical journey awaits. Unearth arcane secrets, forge bonds with mystical creatures, and rise to the challenge of defeating an ancient darkness.

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Welcome, Arcane Aspirant, to the world-famous Arcanum Institute, an otherworldly haven nestled within the boundless realms of the Elemental Plane. Experience a magical journey within this esteemed academy where mystical secrets and arcane wonders await your discovery.

FTB proudly presents Arcanum Institute, a modpack designed for aspirant enchanters like you to immerse themselves in the prestigious academy born from the remnants of a cataclysmic conflict. Within this mystical realm, elemental masters of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water once united to safeguard the very essence of magic, laying the groundwork for this ancient and revered institution.

As a fresh initiate, you will unravel the legacy of legendary sorcerers, and ancient battles in a place where the past is still very much alive and well.

This modpack blends progression and lore, introducing unique mod combinations that elevate gameplay. Your journey will involve unearthing forgotten relics, and battling evil spirits, and monsters all while mastering the very forces of creation. As you explore, you will unlock the long-guarded mysteries of the arcane and reveal a sinister secret that threatens the school and all who call it home.

Your destiny unfolds as a student within Arcanum Institute. Here, practitioners like you endeavour to unravel the mysteries of magic through structured classes, mentorship from seasoned wizards, and quests designed to hone your mastery of elemental magic.

Experience a blend of adventure, mystery, and discovery as you navigate a world perched on the brink of oblivion. Ancient powers beckon and the destiny of magical realms hangs in the balance—entirely within the grasp of an enthusiastic student's hands.

Dive into Arcanum Institute, a modpack that weaves a mesmerizing tale of magical prowess, perilous journeys, and the indomitable spirit of students who dare to wield the forces of the arcane.


Explore the beautiful and expansive campus of the Arcanum Institute. An exclusive custom world featuring sweeping vistas, and a handcrafted landscape to explore. Choose a house based on your element, and find your unique dorm! Attend classes and learn to master the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Navigate the school filled with your fellow students.

Engaging lore-driven storylines and hundreds of interdependent quests.

A Unique Gaia Spirit Battle Arena where you must fight for the very survival of the school

Custom randomly generated Dungeons in 4 Different themes, each with its own special Boss

Battle a unique final boss with over 20 different attacks in our custom Celestial Colosseum!

Interactive Goblins and Teachers who will Trade, Sell, and Teach you to command the forces of creation.

The institute

Notable mods

Six codexes stand between you and graduation from the Arcanum Institute. Six mods you must master to succeed.

Channel the power of flowers to fuel your creations with Botania

Bend the very force of life to your will, and unleash it to achieve incredible power with Blood Magic,

Summon spirits from the beyond to do your bidding with Occultism

Craft custom spells, summon magical servants, and make powerful gear with Ars Nouveau

Learn to wield the mysterious forces of Spirit Arcana with Malum

Try your hand at the dark arts with Evilcraft

Completion of these six mods grants you The Final Codex and magically reveals the location of the Celestial Colosseum.

The final battle

The Hall

Enroll now, begin your journey, and awaken the magic within.

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