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FTB Chocolate

A wonderful start to something rich with vanilla styled content, and vastly new terrain generation.

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FTB Chocolate is the latest Vanilla+ style modpack coming from the FTB Team. Designed from the ground up with careful design choices that fit into vanilla Minecraft's gameplay.

With over 100 mods, chocolate can be for anyone, with the use of Terralith 2.0 you can venture out into many vast new biomes, and the addition of many QoL mods subtly improves your gameplay. People on low-end systems can thrive, or the experienced createor can build their wildest contraptions to solve the simplest task, a unique new experience all in Minecraft 1.18.2

Venture out with a whole new gamemode enabled by default, with only three generating ores throughout the overworld and nether, the Ice Cream ore can give you anything metallic, or the Sweets ore that gives plenty of coal, or even a diamond or two! Break apart the Hard Candy ore for gold, quartz or even ancient debris. Multiply your output by getting fortune on your pickaxe, no longer shall you look endlessly for one specific ore. Try your luck, and behold the glory!

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