FTB Plexiglass Mountain Artwork

FTB Plexiglass Mountain

Plexiglass Mountain is a new freeplay kitchen-sink modpack by the FTB Team. With an optional quest-line, a vast variety of mods and unique custom structures generating throughout the world.

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Player progression is tracked inside a new FTB guidebook using the advancements system, you can access this directly in your player inventory.

Better loot all around, scaling mob difficulty, diversification of resource production methods, ample building blocks, and late-game creative item recipes are just a few of the highlights within this modpack.

Custom content is added to the game, and many mods are adjusted and customized, such as:

  • Resourceful Creepers
  • Mystical Agriculture
  • CobbleGenRandomizer
  • Immersive Engineering
  • Botania
  • RFTools
  • and many more!

FTB Plexiglass Mountain is tailored to accommodate a multitude of different playstyles. Players can go on adventures, forage for food, rummage for resources, as well as create colourful constructions and automate factories.

With the thought that bigger multiplayer servers usually struggle with performance, we've added mods such as WYML and It Shall Not Tick to greatly reducing server load, improve tick times and reduce AI spawning performance issues.

Since multiplayer is then made more accessible, multiplayer-enhancing mods such as Hearthstones for their “Global Taverns” and Simple Shops were added for player travel and economy.

Base artwork

New mod additions such as

  • Malum (magic)
  • Cloud Storage (storage)
  • LaserIO (logistics)

And more are sure to entertain you alongside other favourites alike

  • Thermal Series (automation)
  • Ars Nouveau (magic)
  • Soul Shards (spawners)

Are you ready to try it yet? Perhaps will you challenge your friends to see who will build the prettiest building or the most efficient and fast factory? Or maybe if time is all that matters, you’ll be against the clock to finish some quests. Once the light of the beacon shines, the stopwatch stops ticking!

No matter your playstyle, this is for you to discover and enjoy!

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