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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2


FTB Beyond-1.10.2-1.2.1

Hotfix, and some minor changes!

Mod(s) Updated

  • RebornCore by modmuss50 ( >
    • Added a dev only null item stack checker.
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect amounts being produced in the compressor.
  • TechReborn by modmuss50 ( >
    • Added a creative panel, it provides infinite power and has no recipe.
    • Applied some experimental changes to try and fix some issues with the power net.
    • Made some more improvements to the power net.
    • Machines from the mod will no longer explode when they receive too much power, they'll just smoke.
    • Fixed a crash with the power net.
    • Fixed a crash related to the thermal generator.
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect amounts being produced in the compressor.

Configuration Changes

  • Dark Utilities
    • Disabled the mod registering Andesite, Diorite and Granite as "stone" in the oreDictionary.

Recipe Changes

  • Unified the crafting recipes for plates and gears (removed some that weren't needed, and added some that were missing).


FTB Beyond-1.10.2-1.2.0

Big update! Many features from Quark have been re-enabled, a few mods have been added, and there are also some important updates and fixes as usual!

You can read more about this update, future plans for Expert Mode and some more topics on this reddit post about everything discussed during the FTB Townhall, which was held last wednesday.

Mod(s) Added

  • Akashic Tome by Vazkii (1.0-5)
    • Similar to Morph-O-Tool, also by Vazkii, this mods allows to combine several books and manuals from different mods into one single item!
  • RFTools Dimensions by McJty (4.55)
    • This is an addon mod for RFTools which handles creation of dimensions.

Mod(s) Updated

  • Actually Additions by Ellpeck (r98 > r105)
    • Added emptying recipes for fluid placer and collector.
    • Added a config to change the configuration items (compass and redstone torch).
    • Added a Redstone Mode toggle to the Ranged Collector.
    • Backported a bunch of quotes and booklet editions.
    • Removed the black quartz made from coal and quartz recipe. [<3]
    • Stopped the storage crate from syncing its NBT.
    • Made the drill digging packet a config option that is off by default.
    • Made the coffee maker store its coffee cache when breaking it.
    • Made the magnet ring not use energy when not picking something up.
    • Mod now fires block harvesting events when automatically mining things.
    • Made the leaf blower drop blocks on their own.
    • Made the smiley clouds render special stuff.
    • Made horse armor yield less when crushing.
    • Updated the RF API (This was the actual reason this whole update was made, so blame -or thank- KingLemming. Also, I'm only putting this bit of text here because he told me to).
    • Fixed an exception in the booklet with broken furnace recipes.
    • Fixed pickup achievements.
    • Fixed crusher achievement descritipons being wrong.
    • Fixed missing textures on item laser relay manual pages.
    • Supposedly fixed the bag "leaking" items with certain other mods installed.
  • AE2 Stuff by bdew ( >
    • Updated to new BDLib - Fixed dupe bug caused by containers staying open after the block they belong to was destroyed.
  • AgriCraft by Raider (2.0.0-0.6.0-a11 > 2.0.0-0.7.0-a12)
    • Added: More lambda usage.
    • Fixed: Quad caching issue causing massive memory leak.
    • Fixed: Plants could be made to grow in cross-crops.
    • Fixed: Grass seed drops.
    • Fixed: Debug log spam showing up in non-debug log.
    • Fixed: Possible areas of de-synchronization.
  • BdLib by bdew ( >
    • Fixed crash in CapabilityProvider when something tries to access caps.
    • Fixed dupe bug caused by containers staying open after the block they belong to was destroyed.
  • Blood Magic by WayofTime (2.1.6-75 > 2.1.7-76)
    • Fixed the Seer's Sigil not using Roman Numerals to display the altar tier.
  • CraftTweaker by jaredlll08 (3.0.23 > 3.0.24)
    • Fixed a dupe bug.
  • Drawers & Bits by Belgabor (0.35 > 0.36)
    • Removed a warning in GUI if Storage Drawers version differs from the one targeted, wasn't serving its purpose. There is still a warning in the log, but usually MC crashes before it reaches that point.
    • Fixed a display bug with SD 3.6.1+
  • Engineers Workshop by EwyBoy (1.1.6 > 1.2.0)
    • Added a crusher module to the table.
    • Adding an RF Acceptor upgrade will automatically start accepting power from existing blocks.
    • Made it easier to add more modules in the future.
    • Some config changes have been made along with the way the table handles upgrades. (Make a backup, issues shouldn't happen but be careful)
    • Fixed charger upgrades, now usable as upgrades.
    • Fixed a divide by 0 crash when rendering power bar.
  • Extra Utilities 2 by RWTema (1.3.0 > 1.3.3)
    • Added "Analog Crafter", a crafter with 9 input slots that doesn't need a predefined recipe.
    • Added "Great Wall" world type. Basically a void world. [Changelog guy's note: vanilla already offers a superflat preset for generating a void world, would recommend just using that...]
    • Added support for various TE api interfaces.
      • (From a later update) Removed TE compatibility for now, until the API has stabilised.
    • Changed Opinium recipes.
    • Machines/generators now have a redstone modes (ignore/on/off/pulse).
    • Improved recipe handling code for better compatibility with 1.11
    • Tweaked GUI network code.
    • Fixed a dupe with opinium.
    • Fixed a 1.11 NPE in Mechanical crafter.
    • Fixed a rendering issue with flat transfer nodes.
    • Fixed a server crash with great wall worlds.
    • Fixed a rare missing sprite crash.
    • Fixed a Mini chest not saving or updating comparators.
    • Fixed a server crash with klein/opinium blocks.
    • Fixed a Deobfuscation crash.
  • Gendustry by bdew ( >
    • Updated to new BDLib - Fixed dupe bug caused by containers staying open after the block they belong to was destroyed.
  • InfinityLib by InfinityRaider (0.6.2 > 0.7.0)
    • Debug information system now uses consumers instead of lists, to allow for lower memory footprint, as well as immediate returns.
    • Fixed: Major quad caching error that caused severe memory and performance issues.
  • McJtyLib by McJty (2.3.9 > 2.3.10)
    • Added support for localized rftools manuals.
  • ModTweaker by jaredlll08 (2.0.9 > 2.0.10)
    • Fixed smeltery and drying recipes not being added to JEI.
    • Fixed extrautils2 support not loading.
    • Fixed Forestry recipes not being registered and added to jei (the moistener still doesn't work for jei).
    • Added a "time" param to the pure daisy.
    • Fixed Embers JEI support.
    • Fixed chisel not working with metadata items.
  • RebornCore by modmuss50 ( >
    • Added custom colours and textures for RF.
    • Mod now generates MT Documentation for all mods installed when config is set to true.
    • Updated RF api to offical version.
  • Refined Storage by raoulvdberge (1.2.22 > 1.2.23)
    • Implemented support for the Forge update JSON system.
    • The Detector no longer outputs a strong redstone signal.
    • Fixed a crash in storage cache.
    • Fixed Crafting Pattern's model.
    • Fixed the Constructor not working on Botania flowers.
    • Fixed Disk Manipulator crashing.
    • Fixed slow oredict comparisons causing TPS lag.
  • RFTools by McJty (5.87 > 5.88)
    • Added rabbit and sheep meat to the living matter config for the spawner (needs deleting the config).
    • Ported the rfttp cleanup command back from 1.7.10
    • Added real i18n support for the manual.
    • Fixed OC being unable to dial to any other dimension.
    • Fixed a small typo.
  • TechReborn by modmuss50 ( >
    • Added custom colours and textures for RF.
    • Started redoing Matter Fabricator's GUI.
    • Updated CraftTweaker support, see wiki here.
    • Rewrote some of the logic behind the matter fabricator, now works with ic2 scrap as well.
    • De-Duped the Frequency Transmitter.
    • Fixed incorrect height when generating ores.
    • Fixed an issue with small dust recipes.
  • Wireless Crafting Terminal by TheRealp455w0rd (0.0.16 > 0.0.17)
    • Fixed WCT Not opening in v0.0.16 due to forgetting to add a "2" to the @Interface annotation for new MouseTweaks API update.
  • Woot by Ipsis (1.2.5 > 1.2.6)
    • Hotfix for the Forge energy API null capability crash that my mod was causing (Fixed it in 1.11.2 and forgot to release a backported version for 1.10.2).

Configuration Changes

  • TechReborn
    • Disabled Garnierite Ore generation (overlaps with TF's Nickel ore, so no need for it).
  • Quark
    • Decoration:
      • Varied chests and trapdoors have been re-enabled.
        • Also re-enabled the mod's "8 logs to chest" own recipe, which respect variants.
        • A recipe has been added, where one of these variations in a crafting grid gives the vanilla version, in case Quark's own don't work with a certain recipe.
    • Experimental:
      • Since no feature is being used (or planned to), the whole module has been disabled.
    • Tweaks:
      • Armor Stands having Arms has been re-enabled.
      • Glass Shards have been re-enabled.
    • World:
      • The module has been enabled back. As a note, that doesn't mean all features are being used, only the few listed here.
      • Big Mushrooms generating in swamps has been enabled.
      • Biotite has been re-enabled, but only the item and block.
        • The ore won't generate naturally, nor will it appear after killing an Ender Dragon.
        • A recipe has been added for obtaining the Block of Biotite: Smelting a Block of Quartz in any furnace (or modded alternative).
        • Biotite as an item can be obtained by putting a Block of Biotite in a crafting grid, which will give 4 back. These are used in some recipes now, including crafting back to a block, Quark's Weather Sensor and Quark's Basalt.
      • Pirate Ships have been re-enabled.
        • Rarity of these ships has been increased.
  • Dark Utilities
    • Re-enabled both the Portal Charm and the Sleep Charm.

Recipe Changes

  • Psi
    • Reverted recipe changes, all item now are crafted as intended by default in the mod.
  • Actually Additions
    • Re-added the Black Quartz recipe (coal and nether quartz), which was removed by the mod in a recent update.
  • Chisel
    • Disabled the iChisel recipe, due to bugs.

Additional Files

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