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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


1.1.1 Hotfix

Randomtweaks mod downgraded due to crash on servers
Tinker's compliment update to match tinker's new TE for melter

Apotheosis enchantment levels and powers udpated

1.1.0 Update

No critical fixes.

Fixed Crying Obsidian not spawning players in Overworld by altering JED dimension rules
Added Marimophosis recipe
Buffed Obsidian Shears recipe
Fixed Holding Satchel Recipe due to enchantment ID shift
Made Soulus Composer Cells cheaper, Oscillating Gears require Aluminium instead of Titanium
Soulus Bone Chunks need life essence instead of UUMatter
NeuroCPU requires positive and neutral matter instead of UUMatter
Decreased pyrotheum and cryotheum costs for ore multiplication by half
Decreasing mana pool generation by 33% (turned up too high from before)
Fixed typo in loading tooltip
Removing redundant Soulus recipe replacements
Fixed Mountain and Forest Troll Leather Leggings and Boots
Switching thermal alloys to their GTCE variants for consistency, deprecated items have a conversion recipe
Fixed duplicate cassiterite recipe in Squeezer
Changed Lumium color slightly to not look horrible (failed)
Added smelting recipes in melter to some early ores that were overlooked
Allowed Comparators to use Quartzite, should make Thermal Logistics available in LV
Added more held light sources such as Menril Torches, and Candles to Dynamic Lighting
Remove and hid basic tier laser engraver - all recipes exceed its voltage.
New I&F Serpernt Armor Recipes
Removed significantly easier radon recipe from Noble Gas centrifuge
Cleaned up simple_dungeon loottables, so Greatwood Chest loot isn't progression breaking
Added optimal Energy Crystal autoclave recipe with starlight
Added cassiterite to oreEx blacklist
Loottable MM blueprints now have correct tooltip
Fixed recipe conflcit with lunar full moon page
Removed Cobalt Brass requirement from GTCE sawblade
AA player interface removed in favor of RT interface
Nerfed Lowgrade Charcoal burn value from 6400 to 1360
RFTools block now use GTCE machine hulls instead of disabled RFTools fframes
FTBU autoshutdown is now OFF by default
Fix attacked cooldown issue by turning it off in RT configs
Cyberware should now keep on death
Turned off debug gamestage output in console
Added all aluminum ores to the OreEx blacklist
Added honey automation, fresh milk/water are now moved to Artisan Worktable and GTCE due to dupe with Cooking for Blockheads
Wooden Form is now available without GTCE saw, allowing clay casts a bit earlier
Added LittleTiles tools to a chisel group similar to Guidebooks, starts with LT Chisel
Changed Lumium color, deprecated TF Alloys and recipes now use GTCE variants
Fixed recipes errors with Terrasteel armors

Relevant Mod updates:
    Artisan Worktable update to fix right click itemstack output
    Animus ritual of culling now kills mobs with potions effects
    Industrial Foregoing Extractors no longer remove armor from mobs (neat but too OP)
    PickleTweaks Colored Cobblestone should now render properly
    Added Nooby's Force Void World so that servers don't have to change server.properties
    Added Shadow's Squeezer Patch to fix Squeezer being inoperabble with low serverside TPS

Quest Changes
    Added Vacuum freezer description and sample parts
    Added Moon oregen quests and reorganized space tab for clarity
    Added MM blueprint quests related to where you can loot them
    Quest warning that certain mobs will ignore light levels when you unlock Space
    Came up with more bad names for mob quests
    Edited Coke Oven quest for the proper amounts
    Adding Checkmark quests to ones that didn't have it originally.
    Fixed a redundant description for Olivine and Terra Vein descriptions
    Removed Salts overworld quest (salts vein is only on moon)
    Added steam bucket quest in Ayo Tech

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