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    Apr 17, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


New Forge Version Required:

Mod Update:
    Advanced Rocketry -
    Apotheosis - 1.9.2
    Astral Sorcery - 1.10.15
        IMPORTANT NOTICE: This version includes a new command: "/as migrate-data" - This converts some old, imperformant data format to a new format. For larger worlds, please make sure you BACKUP your world before doing that! It might take a long time if your world is larger keep that in mind!
        Fast performance increases for world saving
    Botania - r1.10-361
    Building Gadgets - 2.6.8
    Ceramics - 1.3.7
    Compact machines - 3.0.17-b267
    CreativeCore - 1.9.43
    Cyclic - 1.19.3
    Discord - 1.0.9
    FTBlib -
    FTBQuests -
    JEI -
    Industrial Foregoing - 1.12.12
        Fixes a conveyor belt crash.
    LittleTiles - 1.5.0-pre134
    OpenBlocks - 1.8.1
    OpenModsLib - 0.12.2
    p455w0rdslib - 2.1.44
    Mekanism -
    RebornCore -
    RusticThaumaturgy - 4.4
    Soulus - 4.2.1
    topaddons - 1.11.0
    ZenTriggers - 1.0.7

Config updates:
disabled cyclic fluid collector
Neuromatic prime can now occasionally harvest crystalized oil or normal oil (chunk based)
Lowered durability of enderium tools and rotors

Recipes Changes:
Lowered resin cost of producing rubber from resin
Fixed pam's dough in mixer, now produces 4x more and no salt water conflict
Salt water is now produced in a chemical reactor due to dough conflict
Fixed Satchel Upgrade recipe so that its back to Holding IV instead of Insight IV
lumium dust now takes 7 glowstone worth of liquid glowstone instead of a bucket worth
unstable mana cost for all DML drop processing has been lowered by 10x
Botania relics are now craftable in the Alchemical matter infuser
Fixed recipe conflict with Rustic/Deadly monsters chain
Skycauldron now properly oredicts draconium blocks
Enderium glass now uses GT enderium
Super conducting cables up to 16x are now craftable
removed conversion between gt ore and vanilla variants
added gt base ore conversion from variants for diamonds, emerald, lapis and redstone
added gt base ore starlight infusion processing for gt diamond, emerald, lapis and redstone ore

fixed stibnite for life quest
fixed questgiver quest
Reordered Steel Ingot so Easier Steeling is dependent on it
Reorganized Cryogenic Hydrogen/Oxygen quests in space tabs and removed redundant quests
fixed alchemy array/infinity dust ordering
fixed thaumcraft auromancy research grant command
added EBF amperage explanation to EBF quest
added quest warning about mutant steve griefing blocks
changed wording on fake electrical engineering to no longer imply all circuits are craftable at that tier
fixed typos in ebf questline
fixed rocket fuel chain quest
removed duplicate cataplant quest
add a quest for candles in the void tab
better explained how to use liquid dirt
better explained hammer smashing ore processing

Fixed enderchicken not properly being detected in liquid antimatter
Fixed infused wood tooltip
Fixed Frozen dungeons not spawning
lowered burn time of pressed wax substantially + blocks
moved solar panels until very late until their output is fixed in gtce
removed essentia values from satchels to prevent accidental melting
Added disabled tooltip to Tinkers Smeltery Contoller

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