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    Apr 24, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


Mod Update:
    apotheosis 1.9.3
    astral sorcery 1.10.17
    botania tweaks 1.8.5
    cyclic 1.19.6
    oreExcavation 1.4.140
    pickleTweaks 2.1.3
    RusticThaumaturgy 4.4a
    ThermalLogistics 0.2-22
    togetherForever 1.0.12-22

Mod Additions:
    KnowledgeShare - allows thaumcraft knowledge sharing
    Insomnia to avoid sleeping (Crying Obsidian will be removed in NEXT / 1.5.0 update)

Config updates:
    cobwebs no longer remove enchantments
    Thaumic JEI aspects should hopefully be working now
    wizardry mana generation is no longer being controlled by cofh and has passed back to wizardry control
    Blaze explosions added by roughmobs has been disabled due to issues with them blowing up their loot
    creosote can now be poured in world
    creosote now acts as fuel for petropetunia
    removed some loot that is no longer in the pack from dungeons
    space mob staging can no longer be skipped by going directly to luna

Recipes Changes:
    Added automation of Rustic crops to fluid extractor
    Added Cooking oil to olive oil in fluid extractor
    increased tungsten chance from deconglomerator by double
    lowered required TNT needed for neutronium compression by 4x
    Astral sorcery starlight altar recipes should no longer consume buckets
    removed mekanism energy tablets from the pack and all recipes
    bismuth ore can now be converted from stibnite by transmutation
    common tartaric gem alternate recipe added, avaialle at tier 2 bloodmagic with infusion crafting
    peace candles can now be crafted pre-space flight
    added a recipe to convert gt oxygen/hydrogen into mek hydrogen/oxygen
    fixed recipec conflict with sodium hydroxide
    signalum dust is no longer smeltable in the furnace
    Alumite can now be properly crafting without conflicting with aluminium
    fixed fluid extract 32eu/t recipes, lowered to 30eu/t to account for cable loss
    removed steam electrolysis recipe
    added a galium path to ae formation and annihilation cores, demon will recipe now yields more
    moved storage buses, terminals and me chests to early HV tier, full AE system minus autocrafting should now be avaialble pre-space
    New earlier draconium infused obsidian
    Potentiometer recipe made much earlier
    added elementium to EBF
    Draconium infused recipe
    fixed recipes for awakened draconium ingots
    removed duplicate wheat maceration recipe
    fixed duplicate blaze mesh forge hammer recipe
    unified tinkers/gtce glass amounts to 144mb instead of 1000mb
    added recipe for osgloglass
    elementium can now be deblockified properly
    Added DE tablet to guide chisel group
    Deprecated DE Ingot, switch to GTCE variant
    Re-balanced dislocator recipe
    Re-balanced iron bar macerator output so it isn't infinite loop
    infinity chicken centrifuging moved to base HV tier
    Removed Methane from Applies (Apple juice recipe conflict)
    Beds to set spawnpoints are enabled again

    Heavy Fuel quest depends now on crystallized oil quest
    Removed Livingrock quest reward from crystralized menril chunk
    Removed the need of LV mixer in Disel Quest (it uses MV mixer anyways)
    added quests for scuba tank, rotarycondestrator, mek jetpack and hanglider in party gear
    fixed infinity chicken nbt matching for quest turn in
    switched iron drum reward with tungstensteel drum
    resolved candle questline dependencies
    Trophies are now claimed once per team instead of per person

    Added custom extruder item and recipes (thanks to Damien for the mold texture/idea)
    WARNING: next update crying obsidian will be removed in favor of beds returning, we're giving a week notice so people have time to get a bed down before then.

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