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    Apr 25, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


Server owners: This is an easy mini update if you're already on 1.4,
you only need to update your resources and scripts folder, and config/ftbquest folders
all other config and mods remain unchanged

Recipes Changes:
Menril wood returned to standard log oredictionary
New Menril crystal item added, 4x extracted from each menril log
Menril crystals now centrifuge for previous menril byproducts
Menril now centrifuges as normal wood
Ae2 terminal now requires palis and restonia crystals instead of annihilation/formation cores
Arcane stone recipe now makes 4 per caft instead of 1
Building gadget no longer requires the removed Mekanism energy tablet
rftools peace module now specifically requires a broken flare spawner
a special recipe for broken flare spawner was added to enable future use of the soul binder+De cores
added a fluid extractor recipe for molten infinity from infinity eggs
sharpening kits have been added to the chisel cast group

Enhanced canola quest now reflects the requirement of menril crystals instead of logs
Added quest for time in a bottle
Added quest for philostone mob randomizing

    Added 1k storage cells to nether dungeons
    WARNING: next update crying obsidian will be removed in favor of beds returning, we're giving a week notice so people have time to get a bed down before then.

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