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    May 14, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


Generic Mod Updates:
    Apotheosis to 1.9.4 (update to 1.10 might take a while due to native balance changes)
    Compact Machines to 3.0.18
    CreativeCore (LittleTiles Library) to v1.9.45
    Deep Mob Learning to 2.5.1
    Fastworkbench to 1.7.1
    FTBLib to 1.5.2
    FTBQuests to 1.5.2
    Quark to 1.5-150
    RandomPatches to
    RandomTweaks to
    SimplyLight to 0.7.0
    Toast Control to 1.8.1
    Weirding Gadgets to 2.1.16
    Zen Summoning to 1.0.13

Material Mod Updates
    Mekanism to 9.7.4
        Pipe performance improvements
    RFTools to 7.71
        Modular Storage Block now has comparator functions similar to a chest

    Rough Mob 2 to 2.0.15
        Fixes a crash when fake players attacks entities
    Thermal Logistics to 0.0-23
        Fixed dupe and client crash bug
    Super Factory Manager 2.0.12 to 2.0.13
        Fixed dupe bug

    GregTech update is delayed due to balance breaking (more so than it is already) issues regarding turbines. We do not recommend updating to latest GTCE, we are currently working on a PR.

    Deep mob learning update fixes a ton of bugs in the mod and improves overall stability.

Mods Added:
    Capability Adapters - small mod for ME and Compact Machine integration

    - 'Youv'e urned this' ignores NBT of Acqueous Accumulator, can be completed now
    - AR Machine Structures have a circuit to prevent recipe conflicts
    - removed radon cell as quest reward
    - Removed Holding IV Satchel Quest
    - Added quest text to check JEI about usable generator fuels
    - updated together forever quest commands

    - AA Phantom boosters use blocks of enderpearl instead of ender casings
    - AA Item Repairer disabled and hidden from JEI
    - Handy bag no longer requires Holding IV Satchel due to nightmare ID situation
    - Removed upgrade recipe to make Holding IV satchels for similar reason
    - fixed lithium battery recipe
    - removed signalum and enderium dust melting recipes in smeltery
    - enderium and signalum dust mixer recipes are 30eu/t to account for cable loss
    - remove mana diamond block conversion from standard diamonds
    - added industrial machine chassis recipe
        * impulse hopper now craftable
        * Funky Locomotion movers now craftable
        * wireless charging antennas craftable
    - removed Mekanism energy tablet
    - Added ZLogic Controller Recipe
        * Farming Station now craftable
        * Killer Joe now craftable (we still recommend DML, will look into balance suggestions)
    - Slice and Splice disabled (redundant)
    - Removed Sagmill and Grinding Balls rom JEI (redundant)
    - Disabled several unused mid/endgame capacitors from EIO addons
    - Removed Little Tiles storage lock
    - Thorium is no longer obtainable from coal
    - Cardboard box uses TE sawdust instead of Mekanism sawdust (unobtainable before)

    The One Probe
        Due to constant inquiry, we have distributed a ONE-TIME set of The One Probe configs that is recommended with the pack. We normally encourage players to manage their own clientside configs.
        - added gregtech:machine so you can view contents and internal tank of all GT machines, crates, and drums
        - Probe is not needed for extended tooltip
        - Thermal Expansion Cache automatically shows
        - All gregtech machines automatically show
        - Sneak to show other container contents
        - Mob Potion effects still require sneaking

    Blood Magic
        - disabled well of suffering in favor of ritual of culling
        - disabled night imperfect ritual

    Doomlike Dungeons
        - Thaumatorium now correctly loads as dungeon loot
        - Impulse itemducts replaced old logistics pipes (unused) in dungeon loot

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