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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


1.8.0 Update
Mod additons:
Added enchantTable mod to retain lapis in enchanting tables

Mod updates
    Zen triggers updated - Fixes enderchicken shedding
    Animus to 2.1.3
    SFM to 2.0.16
    crafttweaker to 4.1.19
    Zensummoning to 1.0.15
    Modular Machinery 1.10.0
        Now has native GTCE implementation, no longer need CEU
    Modular Diversity to 1.3
    Fastbench to 1.7.2
    Gregtech updated to minor version to include many changes and fixes, see GT changelogs for specifics
        All multiblock turbines now require 4x more fuel
        Multiblock turbines need the max amount of fuel at the start, they no longer provide 'partial energy'
        Large Steam turbines now cap at 12.8k EU/t
        Gas turbines now cap at ~32k eu/t
        Plasma turbines can now reach up to ~48k eu/t
    Iron chests to
    Just enough harvestcraft to 1.6.4
    Shadows of Greg updated to 2.8.0
    Quark updated to 1.5-159
    Statskeeper updated to 3.1.13
    Xaeros minimap to 1.17.1
    Xaeros worldmap to 1.3.5
    Wizardry to 0.10.7
    Simpletrophies to 1.2.1
    Resizing potion to 2.1.1
    Mekanism to
    Astral sorcery to 1.10.19
    Deep Mob Learning to 2.5.2
    Librarian lib to 4.19.1

Config Changes
    fixed fluid rarities issues in neromantic prime
    fixed rftools config formatting errors to match new expected formatting

Quest Changes
knocked out over 20+ issues related to questbook, no new quests added just bug fixes

Recipe Changes:
    All chickens eggs are moved off the Composer to crafting grid due to NBT sensitivity, now require burnt emerald (made in Composer)
    Midnight dust recipe addition
    reverted plutonium fluid in improved nether/ender eyes back to radon
    HV pump assembly recipe now properly uses molten steel instead of bronze
    fixed infinite concrete loop
    fixed phosphor ore not spawning in meteors
    updated hundreds of scripts to support new tiered output bonuses for gregtech
    malachite and chalcopyrite copper output

Additional Files