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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2


FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.10-1.10.2-1.8.0

Large Update Incoming! - Addition of all Team CoFH's mods, McJty's new mod XNet and many more exciting mod updates including new features and fixes.

Mod(s) Added

Mod(s) Updated

  • Minecraft Forge by ForgeDevTeam ( >
    • Full changelog (look for 1.10.2 versions only).
    • Main changes:
      • Now caches entity constructors for a small performance optimization.
      • Added a new client config option to force all chunk rendering off the main thread. This may help FPS issues, but may also result in world holes/rendering issues. Also fixed Forge configs not saving properly.
      • Fixed TileEntity#getRenderBoundingBox not offsetting correctly, causing more TEs to render then needed.
      • Added in a check to the splash screen. If the Display.update call takes too long on average (over first 200 frames), Forge'll use a sleep based timer to allow mods doing splash screen work some time on the LWJGL global lock. This should fix some slow loading issues with a few mods (notably JEI).
  • Actually Additions by Ellpeck - (r98 > r105)
    • Added emptying recipes for fluid placer and collector.
    • Added a config to change the configuration items (compass and redstone torch).
    • Added a Redstone Mode toggle to the Ranged Collector.
    • Backported a bunch of quotes and booklet editions.
    • Removed the black quartz made from coal and quartz recipe. [<3]
    • Stopped the storage crate from syncing its NBT.
    • Made the drill digging packet a config option that is off by default.
    • Made the coffee maker store its coffee cache when breaking it.
    • Made the magnet ring not use energy when not picking something up.
    • Mod now fires block harvesting events when automatically mining things.
    • Made the leaf blower drop blocks on their own.
    • Made the smiley clouds render special stuff.
    • Made horse armor yield less when crushing.
    • Updated the RF API (This was the actual reason this whole update was made, so blame -or thank- KingLemming. Also, I'm only putting this bit of text here because he told me to).
    • Fixed an exception in the booklet with broken furnace recipes.
    • Fixed pickup achievements.
    • Fixed crusher achievement descritipons being wrong.
    • Fixed missing textures on item laser relay manual pages.
    • Supposedly fixed the bag "leaking" items with certain other mods installed.
  • Blood Magic by WayofTime - (2.1.4-73 > 2.1.7-76)
    • Fixed JEI compat for Alchemy Table recipes.
    • Fixed (yet another) crash when creating an "invalid" stack of the Blood Tank.
    • Fixed Demon Will Crystal and Teleposer crashy interaction.
    • Fixed crash when working with toggleable sigils.
    • Fixed JEI not displaying Armor Tomes.
    • Fixed Body Builder level 4 being 5x more expensive than level 5.
    • Fixed the Seer's Sigil not using Roman Numerals to display the altar tier.
  • Botania by Vazkii - (r1.9-340 > r1.9-341)
    • Removed lexicon references to blocks that have been removed or moved to quark.
    • Fixed a crash when placing pistons with a arannuncarpus.
    • Fixed a crash with the orechid when an ore is registered to the ore dictionary that isn't a block.
    • Fixed AoE mining not firing break events and not dropping xp.
    • Fixed body and leg armor stats being swapped.
    • Fixed crashes with the drum of the gathering and the mod's shears.
    • Fixed the botania banner lexicon entry still requiring EtFuturum.
    • Fixed the crystal bow not using mana.
    • Fixed the gaia guardian not looking like the player in dedicated servers.
    • Fixed the horn of the wild, bore lens, and rod of the shifting crust manually dropping block drops and not allowing for block rollbacks.
    • Fixed the marimorphosis running clientside and desyncing.
    • Fixed the soulscribe not dealing extra damage.
    • Fixed the spectator not highlighting all relevant inventories.
  • CodeChicken Lib 1.8+ by covers1624 - ( >
    • Fixed seams on SimpleBlockRenderer.
  • CraftTweaker by jaredlll08 - (3.0.22 > 3.0.24)
    • Fixed a dupe bug.
  • Deep Resonance by McJty - (1.4.5 > 1.4.6)
    • Added nether and end variants of resonating ore. By default, they're enabled in the nether.
    • Crystals now also generate in the nether. They are stronger but less pure. This can all be configured.
    • Tanks are now also fluid handlers client-side. That's better for render issues.
    • Renamed the Deep Resonance machine frame so it is less confusing with RFTools.
    • Fixed oregen vein size. For this the config had to be regenerated. To enforce that I used different keys for the ore vein size. So if you have custom configs be sure to check that out again.
  • ElecCore | Rendering Library by Elec332 - (1.7.407 > 1.7.409)
    • Fixed CCM.
  • Extra Utilities by RWTema - (1.3.0 > 1.3.3)
    • Added "Analog Crafter", a crafter with 9 input slots that doesn't need a predefined recipe.
    • Added "Great Wall" world type. Basically a void world. [Changelog guy's note: vanilla already offers a superflat preset for generating a void world, would recommend just using that...]
    • Added support for various TE api interfaces.
      • (From a later update) Removed TE compatibility for now, until the API has stabilised.
    • Changed Opinium recipes.
    • Machines/generators now have a redstone modes (ignore/on/off/pulse).
    • Improved recipe handling code for better compatibility with 1.11
    • Tweaked GUI network code.
    • Fixed a dupe with opinium.
    • Fixed a 1.11 NPE in Mechanical crafter.
    • Fixed a rendering issue with flat transfer nodes.
    • Fixed a server crash with great wall worlds.
    • Fixed a rare missing sprite crash.
    • Fixed a Mini chest not saving or updating comparators.
    • Fixed a server crash with klein/opinium blocks.
    • Fixed a Deobfuscation crash.
  • FTB Utilities by FTB - (3.4.0 > 3.4.3)
    • Re-added JourneyMap Integration.
    • Fixed chunkloading.
    • Permissions are either more broken or more fixed, who knows!
  • FTBLib by FTB - (3.4.2 > 3.4.4)
    • Bugfixes.
    • Added clickable chat links in Teams GUI.
    • Added Kick button for in Teams GUI.
    • Added WIP notification on new message in team's chat.
  • Just Enough Items (JEI) by mezz - ( >
    • Improved recipe hover detection for tooltips.
    • Mod now logs any invalid smelting recipes that could cause a crash.
  • McJtyLib by McJty - (2.3.9 > 2.3.10)
    • Added support for localized rftools manuals.
  • Refined Storage by raoulvdberge - (1.2.22 > 1.2.23)
    • Implemented support for the Forge update JSON system.
    • The Detector no longer outputs a strong redstone signal.
    • Fixed a crash in storage cache.
    • Fixed Crafting Pattern's model.
    • Fixed the Constructor not working on Botania flowers.
    • Fixed Disk Manipulator crashing.
    • Fixed slow oredict comparisons causing TPS lag.
  • RFTools by McJty - (5.84 > 5.88)
    • The endergenic generator should now be a lot more stable and predictable. This might break your current setups but once you time them again they should stay that way.
      • Fixed an eternal looping bug in the latest endergenic changes if you had a loop of endergenics without an injector.
      • Fixed the eternal loop problem again in the endergenic. Some unfinished setups could still cause problems.
    • Added rabbit and sheep meat to the living matter config for the spawner (needs deleting the config).
    • Ported the rfttp cleanup command back from 1.7.10
    • Added real i18n support for the manual.
    • Fixed OC being unable to dial to any other dimension.
    • Fixed a small typo.
  • RFTools Dimensions by McJty - (4.54 > 4.55)
    • Added safety for biomes returning null for registry name.
    • Made checking if a world is loaded slightly more robust in the activity probe.
    • The feature absorber will now show the absorbed feature in WAILA, TOP, and JEI if it is at 100%.
    • Added protection against bad mods adding invalid blocks.
  • Storage Drawers by jaquadro - (3.6.0 > 3.6.1)
    • Restored shading to item labels.
    • For resource pack makers, item labels now honor the statusArea section of the dynamic folder json.

Configuration Changes

  • CoFH Core:
    • Disabled Thermal Foundationn default world generation, since other mod's own was already in use.
    • Disabled the generic death message for named entities.

Additional Files