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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2


FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.10-1.10.2-1.10.0

New stuff coming from Extra Utilities, Railcraft and RFTools+XNet, plus many fixes!

Mod(s) Updated

  • Chisel by tterrag1098 - ( >
    • Fixed an ArrayOutOfBoundsException related to recipes.
  • CodeChicken Lib 1.8+ by covers1624 - ( >
    • Mod now guards against null tiles in auto baking pipe.
    • Fixed: Mod won't crash on ASM dump fail anymore, will just splode the log.
    • Fixed reading string with spaces in LDC.
    • Minor changes for FINAL 1.10 feature build.
  • ElecCore | Rendering Library by Elec332 - (1.7.415 > 1.7.418)
    • Added OreDict abstraction.
    • Removed usage of client-only method.
    • Mod now allows for custom item names on IEnumItem.
    • Mod now allows abstraction method names to be different.
    • Probably fixed NPE when opening certain GUI's.
    • Fixed possible issue when attempting to clear an Array-List.
    • Fixed tooltip rendering.
    • Fixed double naming of hive descriptions.
    • Fixed effect alleles being null.
    • Fixed stack overflow.
  • Ender IO by CrazyPants_MC - (3.1.180 > 3.1.183)
    • Added TelePad client triggering.
    • Changed render pass and render layer handling in IO overlay.
    • Mod will now try to force item conduits to reconnect after being loaded.
    • Mod now forces external connections to be rebuild on first tick after loaded from nbt.
  • Extra Utilities by RWTema - (1.3.3 > 1.4.1)
    • Lots of things being nerfed. Have fun.
      • Red coal power boost is now dependent of current generated GP. (Every 4 GP adds a +5% to the multiplier, up to a max of +700%)
      • Increased base energy cost of Quantum quarry to 20,000 RF.
      • Slime generators now require '4 slime + a bucket of milk' to generate RF.
      • Frosty generators power output has been reduced by a factor of 10 (ice is cheap).
      • The Frosty, Halitosis, Overclocked and Death generators now have additional world effects when running.
    • Added a new 'doom' potion effect (not brewable in survival).
    • Added crash reporting code for rendering methods.
    • Applying Efficiency enchants on a quantum quarry now increases the speed of operations.
    • Renamed 'Undeath generators' to 'Death generators'
    • Filter slots and upgrade slots now get priority when shift-clicking.
    • Shift-clicking in the Trash chest now properly deletes items.
    • Made Deep dark generation more resilient to threading issues.
    • Improved error handling of mismatched block/tiles.
    • Improved tiles detecting of whether they are loaded.
    • Changed 'weak reference' collections to ignore custom equality/hashcode methods.
    • Fixed scrolling GUI elements not being updated.
    • Fixed buttons in Scanner not being laid out.
    • Fixed a rounding issue in generator recipes.
    • Fixed Quantum quarry issue with nether/end generator creating invalid chunks.
    • Fixed the builders wand not working.
    • Fix disenchantment JEI integration.
  • Forestry by SirSengir - ( >
    • Fixed new multiblock error messages.
  • Just Enough Items (JEI) by mezz - ( >
    • Mod now creates a crash report instead of logging severe render errors.
  • Railcraft by CovertJaguar - (10.0.1 > 10.1.1)
    • New:
      • Smoker and Feed Station restored.
      • Signal Boxes restored.
      • Turnouts, Wyes, and Switch Actuators restored.
      • Spike Maul is used to swap between Flex, Junction, Wye.
      • Sounds restored.
      • Added a SkyGen config for mines for testing purposes.
      • Added Bronze, Nickel, and Invar ores and metals.
      • Added Brick variants of the new vanilla stone types.
      • Pearlized Brick an Ender Pearl themed Brick added.
      • Rolling Machine has been restored. Should fix most recipe issues.
      • Added Manual Rolling Machine, it requires no power, but requires the player's presence to craft. Does not interact with pipes.
      • Added Messenger Track Kit, a track that sends a chat message when passed.
      • Riding and Ridden Routing conditionals have been replaced with the Rider conditional.
      • Placing a malformed Routing Table into device will now pop up the GUI to tell you it is erroring.
      • Sneak clicking with an empty hand on Routing device will now allow you to edit the contained Routing Table directly.
      • You can now disable Railcraft enchantments, and moved to Magic module.
      • Added reverse mode to Throttle Track. (contribution by Cream Tea)
      • Zap sounds and effects.
    • Changed:
      • Some of Brick recipes have been Tweaked to reflect various changes in Vanilla.
    • Fixed:
      • Various IC2 integration fixes.
      • Notepad should now interact with the world properly.
      • Charge Feeders should now properly respond to Redstone under all conditions.
      • Reduced Tunnel Bore log spam.
      • Fixed a crash when looking at an Admin Charge Feeder with TheOneProbe.
      • Fixed rendering issues with Box connections.
      • Routing Detector and Actuator no longer call client code from the server and crash.
      • Added a temporary crafting recipe for the Charge Trap.
  • RFTools by McJty - (5.92 > 6.00)
    • New API for storage scanner as well as easier support for old style IInventory.
    • XNet integration:
      • New channel type (storage) that can be used to connect inventories to a storage scanner.
      • Bypasses distance limitation that you normally have with storage scanner and inventories.
      • Normal way still works unless you disable that in the config.
      • New 'XNet' radius slider option in the scanner GUI to restrict to XNet only.
      • New channel allows for more flexibility to set read/only status on input/output from various inventories.
  • XNet by McJty - (1.2.0 > 1.3.1)
    • RFTools is not required, but if it is present it has to be version 6.00!
    • Support for direct insertion/extraction out of a storage scanner using the normal 'item' channel type.
    • New cleaner cable textures.
    • New upgrade kit to upgrade connectors to advanced connectors.
    • Added more colors for logic channels.
    • Double-clicking a block in the controller gui will highlight that block in the world (just like the storage scanner does in RFTools).
    • Crash fix for facade blocks when used with blocks that don't have a proper getItem() in their itemstack.
    • Fixed a bug which could prevent proper updating of network information when changing the network.
    • Fixed a bug with a router that only had local channels. It would not immediatelly update the network so after publishing channels the effect was not immediatelly visible.

Configuration Changes

  • Custom Main Menu
    • Removed the warning about Ender IO fluids being overridden.
  • Draconic Evolution
    • Re-configured the HUD to Direwolf20's preference.

Recipe Changes

  • Minecraft
    • Added recipe for the Dragon Egg (2x Dragon Hearts, 2x Awakened Cores, 1x Egg).

Additional Files