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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


1.2.1 HOTFIX

-Removed hidden/bugged quest in 'Storage Solutions' chapter, thus allowing full completion of the chapter now
-Reduced pulverized obsidian EMC to 64 to fix exploit
-Added EMC to stygian iron ingot
-Fixed all nuggets EMC values
-Removed AE2 facades from JEI
-Removed chaos dragon from woot factory
-Added EMC to AE2 processors
-Fixed RS 64k storage part/disk EMC value
-Reenabled lootbag opener/recycler
-Cleaned up unused Immersive Engineering core jar files that do not auto delete on update

1.2.0 UPDATE

Mods Updated:

Mods Added:
-Building Gadgets

Mods Removed:
-BASE (no longer required by Clumps)
-ShadowMC (no longer required by Forgelin)

-Reduced remaining flat transfer nodes EMC values
-Removed EMC from RS 64k Storage Part/Disk
-Fixed 64k fluid storage cell with correct counterpart when uncrafting from previous rewards
-Added 4096k fluid storage parts to loot table
-Removed Akashic Tome recipe
-Removed EMC value from metal nuggets due to exploits
-Removed Starfield gen from repeatable quests
-Removed coins from reward quests and changed to at least $1
-Added an EMC value to Alum Brass Ingot
-Removed lootbag recycler/opener due to massive EMC gains early game
-Removed EMC from lootbag recycler/opener so they are removed from tablets
-Swiftwolf rending gale isnt consumed anymore and NBT is ignored.
-Set flux items to ignore NBT data in quests.
-Unified silicon EMC values; recipes added to convert between them
-Added recipe for quest book (shapeless red dye and book)
-Increased EMC of magma block to 1356 due to magma cream exploit
-Ignore NBT/damage on watering cans quests
-First 4 Env Tech crystals have progressively more expensive EMC values, last two have EMC removed
-Added a JEI tooltip on creative energy source stating block cannot be picked up in survival once placed in world
-Increased RF usuage of IF water resources collector (fisher)
-Fixed cost of creative energy source block in reward store.
-Disable the ingore damage flag on TE machine quests

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